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The Minotaur Paladin is free-to-read on Royal Road Legends.

Garok, a Minotaur, is summoned to modern day Earth from another world... right into the middle of an apocalypse.
His purpose? To be a Boss Monster.
But Garok is a [Cleric], and decides to the Pit with all that.
Giving whoever put him here a giant middle finger, he goes right back to doing what he does best, kicking Undead ass and helping people!

Note that TMP is a semi-Parody of Exiled Kingdoms, and as such, while names and such are the same, they are not canon within the main EK Universe.

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The latest chapter of The Minotaur Paladin is Chapter 24 and can be read on Royal Road.
This also marks the end of Book 1.

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